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Durable and Compact Design: Crafted from quality plastic, the Pull-Tab Caddy is not only durable but also
compact, making it an ideal companion for gaming on the go.

Innovative 5-Step Model: Our 5-Step Model features labeled compartments for "HORSES," "DAUBS," "ALL
PLAYS," "$ INSTANT WINNERS," and the company name and website on the last step. This thoughtful
design ensures optimal organization and ease of use and the labels can be changed to accommodate
names used in other areas.

Customer-Approved: Based on valuable customer feedback, our caddy has undergone significant
improvements. One satisfied customer remarked, "I think it’s 1000% better than your first one and I love
your first one but WOW what a difference in weight and size for packaging, it’s perfect.” There are more
testimonials like this and videos.

Endorsement from Good Times Gaming: We have collaborated with Good Times Gaming to feature their
pull tabs on our caddies. Our innovative designs showcase various tabs, including large payout tabs and a
dedicated caddy for the high-volume "VIP Tab."

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